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NOTE: We are now offering Tele Mental Health Sessions for all our services

NOTE: We are now offering Tele Mental Health Sessions for all our services

We're Here to assist with life challenges.

group counseling therapy addiction grief depression anxiety ptsd manic therapist veterans counseling
group counseling therapy addiction grief depression anxiety ptsd manic therapist veterans counseling

We're Here to assist with life challenges.

Who We Are

family counseling children therapy childrens grief loss hospice seniors geriatric

A Counseling Practice

A Counseling Practice

A Counseling Practice

Peter Covert, MS, CP. RMHCI

Florida IMH2654

"Twenty-Two years experience"

Offering Individual counseling, psychotherapy, Group psychotherapy, Psychodrama, and support groups.

Psychodramatist, Clinical practitioner, Certified by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy. 

A member of the clinical practice:

Quality Counseling

Cape Coral and Fort Meyers Therapists


Experience Includes:

Child and Adolescent therapy, 

Adult Psychotherapy.

Grief and Loss Counseling. 

Seniors: Life long learning.

Addiction / Compulsion treatment

Relationship, Couples Counseling

Reintegration after Incarceration

Substance dependence Stratigies.

Contact Information

Phone: Cell.   (863)-326-0544

             Office (239)-887-6217

Email: peterdcovert@yahoo.com

By appointment only

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The Approach

A Counseling Practice

A Counseling Practice

  1. Helping individuals find new ways, roles and solutions,
  2. Expand and maximize our positive qualities, (At least to the extent one might expand negative thoughts, qualities).
  3. Determine Core values, Core issues and develop a strategy.
  4. Assess for pervasive patterns of thoughts, behaviors; roles needing retirement. 
  5. Define and understand our accumulated virtues, emotions and feeling states.
  6. Explore, determine personal  preferences, interest and our motivations.. 
  7. Energize, define an awareness of strengths and vulnerabilities; truth and deceit.  

We utilize a strengths based approach focusing on one's current perceptions surrounding the challenge or presented problem. Once the problems and attendant emotions are identified, Clients may benefit from externalization of intrusive Emotions., Thoughts and Feeling States.  Clients will have the options to explore in depth using action methods as part of thei therapeutic relationship. All clients will abe afforded the dignity and respect of their perceptions, as we take a creative approach to finding the best possible outcomes to current and perhaps future challenges.

trauma focused mental health counseling services for individual or group ptsd depression anxiety

A Promise

A Counseling Practice

A Promise

The promise is, I will do my best, to develop the kind of honest, trusting, and professional therapeutic relationship, the kind of collaboration which can safely shine a light on those areas of life, demanding one's attentions.  

"If I am not for myself, who will be;

  If not now, when?"

                                   J.L Moreno, MD

Our Therapy

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Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we experience at some point in our lives. Whether symptoms come from an accumulation of sorrows, or the fears of "not being enough," we can do more for ourselves.  In doing more, even if simply looking at our Sorrows, our fears; we are stronger for the efforts. The therapeutic counseling relationship allows us to examine and confront what hurts.  It also allows us to understand and create new ways and strategy for the future. Successful psychotherapy can offer the person to regain positive interests, help recapture motivation, create new perspectives, and retire those old roles which no longer work for us.  We will do our best to work for and accompany you in what you seek.



Trauma & PTSD

Many individuals experience symptoms resulting from traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, vigilance are just a few of the emotions which result from traumatic events.  More often than not, what we refuse, resist and avoid to even think about, allows fear and anxiety to increase. Human being are not wired to forget traumatic events.  Tragic, traumatic events causing PTSD and other threats to our wellbeing.  Our survival instincts remembers nearly everything that threaten surviving.   Think about this - "Human beings experience each event, "Once" (the first time), in reality.  Every other time we remember that event, it is subjected to the process of transition." Traumatic events have been a part of human life since the beginning. Each person is different in their reaction to stresses of every kind.  We can help you live better and understand these events. 

You may find you are "Transitioning" toward understanding, learning something of value, making you stronger than you realized.



Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held generally, with both couples in a supportive place, to discuss issues and solutions to those concerns in the hope to   better strengthen the relationship.    We live in a culture where recognizing each other's "similarities and differences" are no longer simple means as signs of compatibility or interest.  More and more actually search for another's vulnerabilities, or reject another outright, if that person does not agree with how things appear to them.  The ancient fight between "Validation and Agreement." Those with a true interest in learning about themselves, others, generally listen to other points of view.  There are a lot of voices out there telling others what is the truth.  Some of those opinions are deceitful.  We have the ability to know our preferences: what we like, what we don't like.  We can always validate another for their truth, their opinion on any given day.   A basic truth here, is that we are social beings.  Not in all cases of course,  To say every one is social, well, that would not be true.  Here is another truth, "I believe:"  relationships are everything.  Let's look at the relationship with ourselves, with others, the relationships with those who play a role in providing for ourselves.  A relationship does not have to be to the point of emotional pain to seek a psychotherapist.  Explore how you relate to the world, and yourself.  


Process and Philosophy



Session Format: Individual, Couples, Groups, assessments.

Age Specialty: Elders, Adults, Adolescents, and children.

Demographic Specialty: Senior and adult concerns, life satisfaction,Interest and motivation.  Grief, Loss, Anticipatory mourning, End of life Caregiving, Understanding emotional organizations / reorganization.

Addiction and compulsions, Recovery strategies: problem./ solutions and implementation.

Psycho-Spiritual development. Christian Counseling.

Treatment Approach: 

Sociometry, psychodramatic,              J L Moreno

Person Centered,                                   C Rogers

Social Psychology,                                 A Bandura

Cognitive /Moral Developmental,      J  Piaget - Action oriented.

The Approach

The focus here, will be on you. we will collaborate together, to identify, understandI and become aware of unique strengths within each of us.  Often what is perceived as wrong, causes us to think about our troubles to the point of believing "We" are wrong.  We all experience problems, and there are always some form of solution.  Doing nothing is a form of solution.  However, if you are thinking of seeing a therapist or gathering information, That's a step toward what you may be aiming at.. We generally rely upon ourselves to find them, Solutions are made, creative.. A person's inner strengths. are what allow them to solve a problem before it becomes overwhelming. We humans, generally take actions to better their lives. Allow us to help. 

This practice will offer a neutral and safe space to improve your abilities. I will offer myself as a guide,, listening to your concerns, and collaborate with you, a plan of action for what you seek.

I use a strengths-based approach in working with clients and their perceptions. What is actually "Right" with you. A carpenter must have tools. The courage to seek out counseling, to look at and talk about, what you may go to extremes to avoid. The self-respect involved in the willingness to speak a truth, your truth.

The reasons for seeking counseling will be attended in such a way as to clarify the problems, explore and identify patterns which inevitably arise, when one is stuck, ambivalent, or resistant for any reasons.  I believe people are much stronger than they might know, and entirely capable of improving their lives "If," they take the time to think about the problem, gather knowledge, increase an interest experiencing creative ways to approach challenges. 

A Promise and A Prayer

I promise to be with you during this phase of your journey. My goal is form a relationship of Truth, as best possible; so you may willingly, look at the hard emotions: the shame, guilt, the sorrow, and the Fears,like contempt and disgust, however there are beautiful ones also. There are emotions which can lift ones spirits, creating perhaps a lasting shift in mood for a minute, an hour, a day? Our moods can be very fragile. We can explore your vulnerabilities, learn the difference between a feeling state and an emotion, fear and anxiety, the necessity of forgiveness in order to express love. Nothing limits our ability to experience evolving love like shame. And nothing destroys human contentment, meaningful living like deceit. These are not my perspective; the first book in the Hebrew bible taught us primarily about the nature of deceit and int impact. If this little bit of information interests you, we might work well together.. Develop a collaboration with a purpose to help you grow from your struggles, learn from them, develop strategies, new ways of looking what we face; Implement the changes you think may be good for you, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

Areas of interest and expertise

Anxiety and depression throughout the life cycle

Substance abuse, dependence, recovery strategies, screening.

Addiction and other pervasive compulsions.

Relationship Counseling (Self, others, spiritual, marital, partners)

Mature adult concerns (Adjusting to the process of aging) 

Life-long learning and skills development. 

Grief and Loss (Natural and Complicated Grief)

Self evaluation in the later stages of development.

Anticipatory Mourning (Caregiver support, Preparing for loss)

Veteran concerns: Reintegration, Reminiscence, Trauma/PTSD

Determining and reorganization of Emotional vulnerabilities

Adjustment stress, maladaptive concerns.

Frustration intolerance, Anger, violence control.

Defining Loves ideals and experiences

Forgiveness (The practical steps implementation.

Spiritual interests utilizing the perennial wisdom of six major faiths.


Tele Mental Health  $35/hour, Couples $50/ hour.

Individual: $50 to $75 per hour session

Partners/Couples/Families:  $100 

Group members $35/ two hour session


"Everything is a daydream, until you take some action." N.Winters

The most effective way to contact Peter is to call or text to 863-326-0544  

For urgent matters if you or someone you know may be in danger, please dial 911

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